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Whether you are a professional teacher, an amateur coach, a pupil of many years or someone just starting,

ProAm Champions offers something for everyone.




These are competitions for a Professional Teacher dancing with an Amateur Student only. There are three dances to perform, selected from the hat from the five dances in each genre. Levels are created by using the names of precious stones – each level is detailed on the website, so you can see what’s what. Some are for registered amateurs, some are not. Some are restricted syllabus (ProAm Champions has its own syllabus which you can check out on the website: click here), some are open syllabus.

Teacher/Coach Student


These are for either a Professional Teacher or Amateur Coach dancing with their Amateur Student. Two dances are performed from a start number of three in each genre. Again, many different levels are available.
For both of the above, you compete in the age group of the student; in the Adult section you may compete also in one age group lower and for the Children section – that’s Junior and Juvenile – one age group higher.

UK Solo Dance


This section is what is says on the tin, a section for the solo dancer. Divided into three categories it offers a stepping stone to a better performance. Aimed mainly at the children’s age group, the solo section comes with three levels: First Step – basically several steps from the Syllabus on the website (see Syllabus for details of each dance), Medial – anything from the Syllabus, and Open – the student can perform anything they like even at Juvenile level. 

Future Competitions


Oxford Globe

21st July 2024
Oxford Town Hall

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